Primary Grades 1st – 6th


GRADES 1st – 6th


Throughout the elementary years, BJPA students will enhance their reading comprehension and vocabulary knowledge as they learn and review the fundamentals of phonics. Using an exceptional college preparatory reading program, our teachers will encourage your children not only to learn to read, but also to enjoy it!

Reading skills will be practiced and strengthened through activity time for lower elementary grades and through science, history, health, and social studies for grades 3rd and above. Critical thinking will also be emphasized in practical subjects such as advanced math, language arts, and Bible.

At BJPA, your children will also grow socially through participation in extracurricular activities including art, physical education, music, library, classical ballet, technology and more.

In upper elementary, children will study art techniques and apply them to their own creative art projects. Students in grades 5th and 6th will practice teamwork and personal discipline while also seeing firsthand the importance of fitness through physical education & activities. Academics and character development will be reinforced in a group setting as are students will enjoy learning patriotic, traditional, and memorable songs that will last a lifetime.

Our dedicated teachers will exude a love for God’s Word and a desire to maintain righteousness in their lives. Students will develop spiritual awareness through memorizing Scripture, listening to Bible stories, and learning classic traditional hymns and modern choruses.

As your children grow, they will be encouraged to think critically and influence the world around them by applying Bible principles to every subject and aspect of their lives.

Kindergarten and Secondary education programs are also available.