From Our President & Founder



Thank you for entrusting Bell Joy Preparatory Academy with the opportunity of shaping your child’s Godly foundation for a successful collegiate future! We understand that there are many wonderful Christian institutions and are elated that you’ve chosen BJPA for your student’s educational journey.

Bell Joy Preparatory Academy is an elite college preparatory Christian school. Our future success will be built upon the remarkable dedication of those that work at BJPA because they are passionate about Christian education and shaping young lives.

Here at BJPA, everyone is committed to the success of our students. Our teachers and staff adore our students as family, strive to build a relationship with them, and actively engage them in rigorous academic preparation for the future. Beyond the classroom, our students have the opportunity to excel in the arts, music or athletic field of competition with the express mission to, Learn, Prepare, Launch and Succeed all for the Glory of God!

Our future is exciting! In the coming term, we will meet our first group of pioneers; world changers as we like to call them, and aim to educate our students as ingenious, inspired, and engaged participants in their academic pursuits.

Please take the time to get to know us through this site and we will soon make on-campus tours available! Our hope is that you experience the warmth, love of God and excellence in every aspect of your encounter with our school. We look forward to exceeding your academic expectations as we prepare your children for a lifetime of Godly SUCCESS!!

Dr. Erica Adam