Bells Of Joy Child Development Center Infant – PK4


Bells Of Joy Child Development Center

Infant – PK4

For our baby & little Bells ages Infant through PK4, Bell Joy Preparatory Academy will have Childcare services coming soon through our affiliated organization Bells of Joy Child Development Center!

We are thrilled to soon be able to make these services available to our parents. Not only will your children be prepared for a graduation from PK3 into our Elite College Preparatory Private institution, but they will begin their journey with our family, becoming a part of yours!

Our teachers, in both organizations, are compassionate, highly qualified and have well over 10 years of experience. They have upheld the highest star rating in the childcare industry over the years! We are honored to have them on board!!

Please contact us for our detailed list of services, fees, and hours of operation.

 904-533-6111 OR